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Many of the people within these groups hold philosophical beliefs that oppose capitalism and modernization.Some also believe that human civilization should shift back to pre-industrial times as to preserve the environment.This could lead to individuals holding these beliefs to pursue more extreme tactics aimed at curbing population growth or causing mass damage to markets in an attempt to fight capitalism, which they see as detrimental to the environment.Finally, as many within these movements oppose non-green energy sources, they may attempt to attack nuclear power facilities, which could lead to loss of life and major repercussions for surrounding areas. , including one of its founders, were arrested by the FBI on charges of conspiracy to sabotage nuclear facilities.These mistakes can be exploited by investigators at the FBI, and subsequent arrests result in causing the collapse of individual cells.

There will be no quarter given, no half measures taken.From these activists came a more hardcore group willing to use violent tactics against those they see as harming animals.This group, called The Band of Mercy became one of the original implementers of fire bombing as a tactic first used at a research center in 1974.Most frequently vandalism is used in the form of spray painting slogans or breaking windows.According to the ELF’s own “Diary of Actions” on its website many of their early activities consisted mainly of gluing door locks and spray-painting messages at targets such as gas stations or fast food chains.

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