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Season 5, Episode 9December 5, 2013Caroline offers Stefan an unusual form of therapy.Meanwhile, Damon tells Elena about a terrible ordeal in his past that he has kept secret for decades, and she shares with him some disturbing information she recently learned about her her first love in Mystic Falls, Stefan, listened in the next room.The hit series enters its fifth season with some characters headed off to college, Katherine trying to survive as a human and a shocking Salvatore secret.The story arcs follow the mythology of the doppelganger; in the first half of the season Stefan's doppelganger Silas reveals that the doppelganger lines stretch back thousands of years (created as part of a witch's curse), and he precedes to coerce the Salvatores and Elena into helping him become mortal.And in the second half of the season, a sect of witches known as Travels attempt to end the doppelganger line and undo unnatural match; which will bring an end to vampires and werewolves.

Meanwhile, Damon makes a terrifying discovery about a secret society.

Season 5, Episode 4October 24, 2013Elena and Damon attempt to help Stefan through a confusing time; Matt tries to figure out the reason behind his mysterious blackouts; Caroline makes an effort to get to know Jesse better; Jeremy makes a startling confession; Dr.

Maxfield puts in motion a plan that threatens to change everything.

Additionally, the series crosses the 100th episode milestone this season with a powerful episode that wraps up one of the longest running story arcs of the show.

Season 5 of The Vampire Diaries is a bit of a letdown, but continues to develop the characters and the mythology is interesting new ways.

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With its apparent complacency, willingness to coast on its love triangle and inability to make character deaths matter, it delivered Home, a season finale that single-handedly redeems the last two years with one brave, gut-wrenching sequence.

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