Session saveorupdate not updating sidney sussex college cambridge google maps

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Session saveorupdate not updating

save() method also returns the generated identifier. save(String entity Name, Object object) : Accepts entity name and instance of entity. Save Method update() method updates the entity for persistence using the identifier of detached object or new instance of entity created with existing identifier.

It wouldn’t be advisable to try to match this code construction in production code. Persistent entities will get updated, and transient entities will be inserted into database. can be used with persistent as well as non-persistent entities both.So, if you need to use the updated object, you must get it from the returned object, not the parameter object. We have learned that hibernate works only with persistent entities and persistent entities are classes which are attached to any hibernate session.

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Hibernate takes care of MERGING the data to appropriate hibernate session attached object and saves the data.

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