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Serb dating

A boy hit in the arm and side by a Serb sniper yards from me – I rushed him in my bullet-holed rented car to a nearby hospital.He survived, but I had focused so much on the boy’s plight that I had failed in my duty as a filmmaker, to record this scene.

Alongside two cable cars, a bizarre Serb-imposed ceremony on a ski slope that had been a venue for the 1984 Winter Olympic Games, had just ended.

The attack, intentional or not, tapped into a deep vein of anti-foreigner sentiment in China dating back hundreds of years.

Chinese people, having lived their entire lives with the knowledge of unequal treaties, demands, and other aspects of colonialism forced upon a weak China, viewed the attack as yet another humiliation imposed by foreign powers.

The target list also included political-military targets inside the Yugoslav capital of Belgrade itself.

Overall, twenty-eight thousand bombs and other munitions were exploded over Yugoslavia, a country the size of Ohio.

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Dead children’s graves – one that stands out has a football engraved on it, of a boy of 10 hit by a shell in Sarajevo.

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