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Seville Seville is the capital and largest city in Andalusia, it lies on the banks of the Gaudalquivir River and is one of the most historical centres of Europe, its undeniably the main attraction of the province itself and is brimming with historical and cultural citations.

The city is the home of tapas, flamenco and the keeper of the Archive of the Indies (the extremely valuable historical records documenting the history of the Spanish empire).

The coastline is one of the most beautiful, natural and ecologically rich coasts along the western Mediterranean.

Almerians of note include renowned Flamenco guitarist José Tomás ‘Tomatito’ and Grammy Award winning singer David Bisbal.

The all year round mild climate enjoyed in Andalusia makes it one of the most popular destinations in Spain for travellers and holidaymakers who come to enjoy both summer and winter sun vacations.

The famous Mediterranean resort of Marbella is a destination enjoyed by tourists from all over the world.

Sevillanos (natives of Seville) also know how to enjoy themselves to the max; so combine history, culture and frivolity in one and you have Seville.

Above Almeria is the inland province of Jaen, as with all of the Andalusian provinces, its name derives from the Arabic, Jayyan, and means ‘crossroads of caravans’.

The province contains the largest protected land area in Spain; the rugged Cazorla Natural Park, the Sierra de Andújar Natural Park, a wooded wonderland, and the Despeñaperros Natural Park, which is one of the last remaining habitats for the endangered Pardel Lynx species.

The distinct wild environment was the location for many of the Spaghetti Western movies.

The dry and arid landscapes of the Taberna desert area were perfect set locations for the films of Sergio Leone.

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