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Most of the courses are taught online with the aid of a digital learning platform.

Most of the course literature is also accessible on-line through the electronic resources of the Li U library.

If applicants hold a degree that does not include a bachelor’s essay or project, their Letter of Intent should describe previous studies and any academic activities that are related to the master’s programme or the programmes applied for.

The programme can be taken as a one-year master’s degree (60 credits) or a two‑year master’s degree (120 credits).

This will facilitate online communication throughout the rest of the programme.

Den sista omtentan är fixad och examensarbetet är godkänt, då är det dags att ansöka om examen.

This will give you the opportunity to exchange ideas about children, childhood and the family in an international forum.This means that you can either finish your studies with a one-year master’s degree or continue to take the second year and obtain a two-year master’s degree.During the first term, you will be introduced to the interdisciplinary field of child studies with a special focus on historical, anthropological and sociological perspectives.These courses will give you a broad knowledge of questions that concern the lives of children, and they will deepen your knowledge of methodological approaches and theoretical perspectives in child studies.The Master’s Programme in Child Studies is an international study programme and students on the programme usually have experiences from many different national and cultural contexts.

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The programme is hosted by the internationally renowned research department in Cchild Sstudies at Linköping University, which has conducted research in child and childhood studies since 1988.