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In other words, rectum is the concluding part of the digestive tract which ends at the anus.

Anus and Rectum diagram Rectal region is a bit large in size as compared with the anus.

On the attainment of puberty in an individual, pubis hair starts to grow around the anal opening.

Just imagine, "How would your social life be if you were unable to hold and prolong feces before you reach toilet for defecation?

Surely, it will have dire consequences for your health and life.

You will learn about the details of the things related to anus definition in the succeeding parts of the article.

Anus and rectum are two terminal parts of the large intestine.

Anus glands are also present in this wall at varying lengths.

According to the findings of Eglitis, these glands are vestigial in man but still they have got great clinical significance.

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For English language learners, on the other hand, it defines the anal opening as: "The opening on the body present between the person’s buttocks through which the digestive waste passes from the body." [1] Wikipedia the Free Encyclopedia gives the definition of the anus in these words: "The anus is an opening at the opposite end of an animal’s digestive tract from the mouth." [2] On the, you will find a bit detailed definition: "The human anus is an opening at the lower end of the alimentary canal for the excretion of the solid waste of the body." [3] Here is a bit more comprehensive anus definition: "Playing an important regulatory role in the excretion of digestive wastes, the anal opening is surrounded by a voluntary and an involuntary sphincter, and constitutes the terminal part of the digestive system". These muscular structures assist in the opening and closing of the anal aperture.

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