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But we can, however recommend another site that deals with scam letters circulating like this where you can add your letter and read the hundreds of other scam letters.This is Q: I am pretty sure I am being scammed Hello I am pretty sure I am being scammed, by an fake person online.A: Try to get her contact information (name, address, phone number) then place a report here and stop all communication with her.Q: Will the scammers be posted or submitted to any other organizations for awareness?

Q: Are the girls in the picture always the one writing the e-mails? Q: How can I share anti-scammer information with others?

A: Often scammers show Europe, USA, etc., as their place of residence, though the correspondence is usually from Africa.

Therefore, when adding them to our database, we provide their actual location. S., Canada, Europe and Australia cannot be scammers, as they will be immediately found and dealt with by law enforcement.

Dear sirs, I was wondering if it would be possible to start a legal procedure against a scammer to get the money sent to her back.

A: Call your local law enforcement and they will advise you what actions you need to take. I have received emails claiming I won 950,000GBP i believe this to be a scam what should i do? But we don't deal with this particular type of scam letter as our website is only related to women scammers operating on dating sites.

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A list of some of them can be found on our help page Resources for reporting. I intend to post her details on here and would like to know if it is possible to receive information from other members if they have had a similar experience with this lady.

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