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Dating a former sorority girl

The robe as I should describe it, was trimmed with lace at the collar, cuffs, and hem. Though it had pearl buttons down the front, to the waist, it also had a sash belt, where the buttons ended. Full make up, gleaming red lips, hair net and bright blue plastic rollers. I’d been doing them enough, and letting them grow, so that with the now pointed tips, my small hands appeared to belong to a female. With some clip on earrings, I’d be the picture of the society debutante, prepping herself, prior to her coming out party.“ The only thing garish, are the men’s slacks and shoes you’re wearing. My schedule, at the salon had been part time for a while, as Phyllis’ business had grown. She took no time at all to get a cape on me and begin my shampoo, condition and cream rinse. With a comb out, a skirt and blouse, a little jewelry, some padding up top… I’d say you would look just fine.” She paused and then added, “ I also believe it would bring a smile to your very pretty face.” Then, from the doorway, I heard the sweet voice of my dear friend Sylvia saying softly, “ Don’t cry Celeste, Mary Ellen and I know everything. She then put on a hot pink satin, knee length, stylist’s smock. It was a print, with small white flowers, and little baby blue birds all over it. You should be able to hire her full time now, instead of part time. That’s right honey, she just resigned her position.” Phyllis laughed and listened for a time and then said, “ Thanks for everything. Her and Sylvia.” Then looking at me and smiling, “ They had better. I looked around for the plain navy blue one I usually wore and regretted I didn’t see it. Mary and I want them looking really hot.” She listened for a short time longer, then closed with, “ Thanks again for everything. The childhood dressing had haunted me for some time. When my hair got long enough, I was taught to roll it up tightly. It’s complicated, but women like Phyllis and Mary can be very precise with their “girl’s” appearance. Phyllis came through the door in full riding regalia. I also, somehow believed, that this little discussion might prove to be therapeutic. She was wearing what I now know to be called, a French, informal dinner serving uniform. The uniform can also be worn afternoons for more formal teas. When I give it to you, you won’t know what’s happening.” I was naked, looking at my hairless body and painted toenails, thinking that this had gone far enough.

You’ll simply have to wait for another one to be ordered and delivered. I thought back to the events of the past few months, especially that evening in bed. Her eyes had just a touch of light brown mascara, with a blend of babyish pink and Bermuda Coral shadow. The straps on her bright red negligee are off her shoulders, her negligee pulled down below her breasts.

I was only a little concerned about the possibility of her friend knowing. She stopped in front of me and said, “ I have a little secret for you Terri. She’d already filled her friend in on the details. I wouldn’t be aware for a couple of more weeks, but they had already decided that Rodney would be the easier of the two husbands to feminize. appeared in the living room shortly after we had taken our coats off and sat down. Then she turned to me with a grin and said, “ Terri, I have a big surprise for you.

Just for the evening of course.” Saying this she walked towards me, hands on her waist, hips swaying very seductively, smiling all the time. She called me from Mary Ellen’s to wake me around noon.

Throw in a demanding, somewhat full-figured wife, (size 16) who had her own flourishing interior decor business, and the teasing took on greater proportions. For another five minutes she laid down some more rules concerning my dress, duties and lifestyle, all followed by a smack of the crop. If they’re not, I’ll take you back there and make you tell everyone who they really are for.” she threatened adding another whack. A white kerchief was tied “sailor girl” style at her neck.

Add to that, this same, very pretty wife, heading up a feminist group, and her superior (to mine, of course) athletic abilities (tennis, horseback riding), and it got even more humbling. She included my ridding myself of all male underwear and purchasing a dozen or so pairs of assorted panties.“ Make sure you buy them at Mimi’s Maison. Once she was satisfied, she unbound me and I cried my apology out on her shoulder. Her sheer hose and three-inch black court shoes set off her legs, and her pierced ears looked lovely, sporting pearl studs.

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Not a guy, Terri, but a girl.” “ There are lots of girls at Arts and Design College, Terri. The few guys that did attend; well most of them liked girls as girl friends. By the time I got into bed with her, I was Celeste again.