Cfform not validating k9 mail just stopped updating

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Cfform not validating

If the date is in the format similar to 2001-02-18 , it is in the Date Time format, and you must format the date to view or use it.Likewise, if the time looks like 1899-12-30 , it must be formatted.Unfortunately, there are some database quirks concerning inputting and outputting data in this format that can cause problems.Although your database may store the date as a short date of date/time type, the output of a Cold Fusion query will often result in the date being in the Date Time format of 2001-02-18 . A good idea is to query for a specific date and time and then check the output to see what form it is in.If your database has dates and/or times located in a text field or column, there are no problems when you query the database for those items. Usually dates and times are entered in a date/time database column.

The solution I implemented was to set the width to a static value and move on.

If anyone has figured out a way to get these grids to 100% width, I'd love to hear it.

by Ron Kurtus (revised 17 December 2001) Dates and times are used in many Cold Fusion applications.

REQUIRED="yes" will ensure the user inputs data in the text box.

If no data is submitted, the warning message will display.

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I have a form with sever fields and some checkboxes. I use CF's builtin error checking on the text fields so I don't have to error trap on the form action, but I can't see how to do that with different check boxes.

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