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Cambodian sex slave statistics

There are also personal aspirations: experiencing a world outside Cambodia, learning English, finding romance. The women are either viewed as infants and pitiable victims who’ve had this forced upon them against their will. That opens up room for all these Western saviors to come along.Or they’re [seen as] criminals who’ve broken lots of Cambodian social mores and broken laws to do this work. Saving them means taking them out of bars to “rehabilitate” them.Sick family members are also a very big motivating factor.That speaks to larger structural issues such as the need for better, universal health care.

Propelled by New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof, and backed by Hollywood stars such as Susan Sarandon, Somaly Mam was ultimately disgraced in 2014 for fabricating stories to raise cash.

But one of the more authoritative studies, published in 2011 by the United Nations’ top human trafficking agency, estimated only 1,058 sex trafficking cases in Cambodia; 127 were underage. A whopping 40,000 Cambodian “sex slaves.”) Though lacking hard figures, charities focused on “rescuing” victims in Cambodia nonetheless insist the underage sex trade is “thriving,” if operating with greater secrecy.

Horrific acts do take place within the sex trade, Hoefingers says, “but the reality for most is not like that.” Most sex workers in Cambodia, Hoefinger says, are not trapped by brothel overlords.

Or you do domestic work, street trading — and most women I’ve spoken to have tried all those things already.

They’ve ended up in the bars because it’s simply more lucrative.

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