Black dating in texas

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Black dating in texas

Of course there are many, many black women who have stated on this blog that white men have ALWAYS been their preference, and non-black men who have said the same.

But many of us have evolved from the exciting discovery that a group of people whom we thought were off limits to us dig us just as much as we dig them.

Houston has a huge black population, so I don’t think there’s a lot of motivation for black women to date interracially.

It actually seems to me that a major reason that black women in Austin seek to date white men is that their prospects for finding black men are limited given the local dearth of black men.

It’s important in the case of non-black men dating black women to understand the historical context and barriers that lead you to ask this question.

In most cases, it’s not that black women are looking to white men as a second choice or backup plan.

I want to be with a woman who wants to be with me as badly as I want to be with her, and I won’t settle for less.

J, you’ve asked a very important question and I really need to for you to listen to my answer and really take it in.

Black women are also taught through the media that women who don’t look like them are more beautiful, desirable, and marriageable..

You have to understand the conditioning that goes on in black communities that discourage black women from expanding their dating options.

Literally from birth, many black women are told that only black men will love them, because their dark skin and kinky hair is unpalatable to men outside the black community.

I had never dated a black woman before I moved to Austin, and I was stunned when a black female coworker called me “handsome” in my first month on my new job.

It never occurred to me that black women would even have the slightest interest in white guys, especially a Slavic/German (read: ultra white) guy like me.

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One woman I dated even went so far as to admit that, “Of course everyone would like to be with someone of their own race,” oddly overlooking the fact that I was dating interracially by choice.